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    Paid Members
    ¥980 /month(incl. tax)

    *A part of the content will be offered for free!

  • Payment

    ●Credit card

    ●Debit card

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  • Device

    ●Android: 7.0 or later

    ●iOS: 10.0 or later

    *Please note that this app is unavailable from PCs or feature phones.

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is offered by utoniq, the community app for artists.

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A. We accept VISA-brand prepaid cards. Please purchase at a convenience store or on the Internet.

V-Preca Gift: A VISA prepaid card that you can use immediately after purchase without opening an account See more details

A. Utoniq is a community app to continuously support artists. When registered as a monthly paid member, you can get the contents and various experiences exclusive for the members. See more details of Utoniq

A. Basically, the followers are unpaid users while the members are paid users. You can enjoy a part of the contents just by following, but some contents are exclusive for the members.

A. The payment for the first month will be made when you are registered as a member. The payment for the next month will be made automatically on the same date and time of the next month.
For example: If you join on 2/5/2019, the payment for the first month will be made on 2/5 and you will be registered as a member from 2/5 to 2/6. If you have no intention to suspend your membership, the payment will be done again on 2/6 and the membership will be extended from 2/6 to 2/7.

A. You can cancel the automatic update in the app from "Account settings" → Active memberships", or please let us know that you wish to unsubscribe from this email address. support@utoniq.com

A. Once you have a digital card, you can watch it even if you quit the paid member. Please note that content files cannot be downloaded.

A. Please contact us if you have any requests or questions.